Public Relations

We work with many of the best and innovative PR agencies. Online reviews, record and press releases, promotion campaigns.


Radio is the Technology of using radio waves to carry your sound information to Internet radio, College radio, and FM radio stations.

Audio Engineering

Looking to make a record?  Pro sound? Industry standard? We can do it. Two of our record producers are legends already in the music scene today.


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You need CD's? DVD's? T-shirts?

Our Manufacturer can make them.

​​​​Booking & Management

We know booking is tough! We offer in house and 3rd party booking services, and Artist Management.

Music Video

Modern music videos are primarily made and used as a marketing device intended to promote the music recordings. We work with some of the very best and upcoming directors in the music scene today.

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​​ LABEL​ 

​Digital Distribution

Easily create a digital release that goes to every major site. Including, ITunes, Spotify, Amazon and many more!​