Mason Jar Revival - Country - Maple, OK

 The band plays an original brand of Red Dirt they have dubbed, "Flint Rock," in honor of the Cookson Hills in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains they call home. 

  • 03 Desperate Defiance3:52

Star Crystal - Pop Rock -  Chernivtsi, UA

Star Crystal expresses their love of music in their songs, and hopes that if you listen closely to the lyrics, you will recognize a part of yourself and be able to find your story in their music.

The Tankerays - Rock - Colorado

The Tankerays are a rock n’ roll band from Western Colorado that formed around 2007. The current lineup consists of Brian Mora (lead vocals and guitar) Leslidiana Biocic (bass guitar) and Mike Thornburg (drums and percussion).  There aren’t any synthesizers or accompanying MIDI tracks in the live show or on record…just a down and dirty onslaught of David Lynch-inspired ROCK N ROLL  from a twisted 3-piece orchestra of radical musicians.

Psychoma- Metal/Industrial/Darktrance

State of perpetual entrapment and raging emotion, is  the inspiration for the Bands name and it's deeply shattering, trance-inducing repertoire.

V-Transmission- Alternative - Manchester, England

V-Transmission are a mature four piece combo hailing from the dark northern industrial heartland of England, that is Manchester, Their many and diverse influences include artists such as Joy Division, Bowie, The Killers Pink Floyd, The Cult and Metallica.

Simple Stone - Rock - Sydney, Australia

Simple Stone are a heavy rock band from Sydney Australia. Simple Stone scream the blend of hard rock riffing and anthemic chorus hooks that beg you to sing along with gusto. Growing up on the Sydney landscape, the band cut its teeth in the local pub scene before expanding throughout the country earning themselves the respect and reputation of a hard working touring rock band. This band is the real deal with solid beats, driving guitars and tunes that just won’t quit. Simple Stone bring an energy to the stage that radiates from the core of their singles Crashing Down, Hands & their latest release Losing You from their album Chronicles Of A Faded Heart that will leave you wanting more.

Waking The Sleeper - Metal 

 Wichita ,KS 

 Forming a Powerhouse of Metal that is unique in the ability to utilize all spectrums of Metal. In Raven's Vision, Waking The Sleeper is taking the music to a new level.

  • Eclipse0:48
  • Hate Machine3:52
  • Torn4:29
  • Re-Torn6:34

19 Til Dawn - rock / Metal - Battle Creek -Michigan

19TilDawn is an old school thrash band from Battle Creek, MI. They are described by some as a Megadeth/Iron Maiden hybrid due to their gravelly vocals and screaming guitar leads. 

Relase The Reign - Rock - Houston ,TX.

The band Release the Reign has been described as "The love child of Halestorm and Paramore with a heavy but soft sound." 

  • Murder4:04

The Lazy Stalkers - Alternative - Los Angeles, CA

A band started by Leah Gillen in 2010 after she made a joke about being a lazy stalker. No sooner had songs and band members evolved to form an Alt-Punk rock style group. Based out of Los Angeles California. Influenced by 70's and 80's punk and early 90's grunge and old school rock.

Twitch Angry - Punk Rock

Festering out of Sacramento,CA

You will either love or hate Twitch Angry and guaranteed to never forget him. 

  • Not In Vain5:49

Stage of Reality -  Rock - Italy

The upcoming self-titled album is a turning point in the band’s musical research. Each one of the ten original songs in “Stage of Reality” is a raging critique to our society.

  • Pretty Little Liars (Vanity)3:34

Contortion - Metal San Diego, CA.         “Brutal, hard hitting, intense, and evocative!” This is the band that brings an honest message and ‘Heavy’ back to Heavy Metal.

  • My Heaven4:37