• Metal Injection3:32
  • Live For Speed3:15

The Midnight Echo is an alternative band based out of Guelph, Canada.

Mobile DeathCamp - Thrash Metal

pummeling no holds barred speed metal. Their songs are straight forward old school metal assaults, with crossover appeal.

  • The River5:06
  • Hyde4:56

  • Acid In My Veins4:07
  • The Order Of The Owl3:59

  • Son of a Gun2:12
  • Let's Dance2:55

Vudu Fly- Rock

 Hailing from San Diego,CA, bringing their infectious grooves, hip-shaking and head bangin-rhythms.

Aeon Rising - A Progressive Metal Power Trio rising from Los Angeles, CA. Their self-title debut album will soon be upon you.  

  • Realign3:28
  • Eden3:55

  • Bad Girl4:04
  • Hold On4:28

Stage of Reality -  Rock - Italy

The upcoming self-titled album is a turning point in the band’s musical research. Each one of the ten original songs in “Stage of Reality” is a raging critique to our society.

  • Last Dollar4:41
  • Tonight 4:17

Star Crystal - Pop Rock -  Chernivtsi, UA

Star Crystal expresses their love of music in their songs, and hopes that if you listen closely to the lyrics, you will recognize a part of yourself and be able to find your story in their music.

Psychoma- Metal/Industrial/Darktrance

State of perpetual entrapment and raging emotion, is  the inspiration for the Bands name and it's deeply shattering, trance-inducing repertoire.

Angeles Band - Rock

Dale Lytle and Dave Raudman united the musicians that would form the band known as Angeles.


from Los Angeles, California. delivers a unique brand of Hard Rock with a Southern Metal Kick. You can hear their influences of Hard Rock, Southern Rock, Classic Rock, Country Rock, & Metal as it pumps out their songs like a Freight Train in a Hurricane.

BRUTE FORCZ is a kick ass heavy metal band from Los Angeles, CA.  The band was formed in 2010 after ex professional wrestlers Slammer and Jammer decided they wanted to make heavy metal music in the style of Motorhead, Judas Priest and W.A.S.P. and Venom.  The power trio began performing in Los Angeles in the Summer of 2010.

  • Eclipse0:48
  • Hate Machine3:52
  • Torn4:29
  • Re-Torn6:34

The Charge - Alternative Rock

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, This Four-piece act bring us a grungy style of their own.

UnderCover Devil -  Malvern, AR

Five guys with very different backgrounds have come together to form a unique Southern Metal offering combining influences from metal, country, blues, rock and classical that is, Undercover Devil.

  • 8. Compelled3:28
  • 4. Tabarnak2:15

Truck Patch Revival - Country Rock

The Country Rock Band of The Delta! With a High Energy these guys will have you rocking all night! Playing shows all over the Southeast USA!

Waysted Youth - Tucson, AZ  

A raw and edgy band  with a modern yet eclectic sound. Featuring dual guitars and vocals, pounding drums, and thumping bass they draw emotion out of every pore.

Contortion - Metal San Diego, CA.         “Brutal, hard hitting, intense, and evocative!” This is the band that brings an honest message and ‘Heavy’ back to Heavy Metal.

  • One Star (radio Edit)3:46